Trish and Jerilynn strive and work very hard on their lines! We have VELVET TOUCH KENNELS,
CINDYS, LITTLE REBELS and SHARMINS being a few. We pay top $ for our breeding stock and
have researched lines and pedigrees to ensure you that perfect little doll, therefore if you
purchase a puppy from us it is with
LIMITED REGISTRATION. That means you are still able to
register your puppy through AKC. If you choose to breed your dog you are not able to register
your litter through AKC! We want our puppies to go to fun loving companion homes! If you want full
registration it must be discussed with either Trish or Jerilynn! We send our paper work out with
limited registration!

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his
life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last
beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
- Unknown
Please remember when you put a deposit down of $350.00 it is non
refundable. We put a lot of time, energy, photos, and email's to
make sure you are getting the right puppy
. A deposit ties up the
puppy from another potential puppy owner as well.
Thank you,
Jerilynn and Trish
Specializing in teacup and tiny toy poodles in a
rainbow of colors!
Browns, Partis, Black, Tuxedo and Silver.
Please READ BELOW it will answer most questions you may have!
~~~ As a client and poodle owner it is a life long commitment to keep the grooming up on your poodle.  I encourage
you to keep them on a grooming schedule so they get used to the clippers, and having their ears plucked. The first
year of life is a lesson each time they get on the table. If you like the shaggier look that is fine but waiting 5
months may not be such a good thing. As an adult if you do not get on a grooming schedule it will make it very hard
on both the poodle and groomer. We groom our poodles every 8 to 12 weeks. We feel grooming time is one on one
time with them. If you prefer to groom your own poodle there are several tips online to help you out. I have
learned and still learn by trial and error. I order all my grooming supplies and any other doggy items I want from  they have crates, toys, bedding and a large assortment of awesome things at a very
reasonable price.
~~~Jerilynn feedsVictors puppy food and Trish Victors. It has everything that your dog or puppy needs in it. A
good food for all stages of life!  You will receive a large enough sample of kibble to mix in with what you are going
to feed them. If you do not mix it in for them to transition slowly they will get a upset tummy causing diarrhea. We
free feed our puppies and I always make sure there is kibble in their bowl in case one did not get enough or
maybe they like just snacking through out the day. We always make sure they have fresh water several times a
day as well.
~~~ Your puppy will need  2 more shots to get them fully vaccinated from any diseases. We encourage you to find
a vet you are comfortable with so these dolls can get their next set of shots, de wormer, and routine check ups.
Talk to the vet about vaccinations, heart worm and flea control if needed in your area. The protocol is 8, 12, and
16 weeks of age for vaccinations. Please do not take your puppy to any parks or places where any other animals
have been (feces) for fear of them getting any diseases (parvo)  until they are fully vaccinated. Parvo is very
serious causing death in most cases. In fact any high traffic area I would stay clear of. This does not mean you can
not socialize your puppy just use common sense.
~~~I strongly believe in crate training and making their crate a safe haven if not abused. A puppy does well in a
crate at night if they are near you and feel your presence. Sorry that means a garage, bathroom, and laundry
room is out! Mine love their crates and they feel secure in them getting away from any kids or ruckus in the house.
When I leave my home I never leave them unattended. Treats do wonders for  rewarding when you are crate
training. There are many article online about crate training your puppy.
~~~Your puppy will be used to a potty pad and going potty outside on the grass, but that does not mean they are
house broke. Continue with the routine of having them go potty outside in a designated potty area. I use one word
(potty) and they go to the door. They are used to going outside so be consistent with them. Take them outside
after every meal, nap and play time. They are babies and have to go often. If they have a accident please do not
put them in their crate they will associate their crate as a bad thing. Take them immediately outside. At about 12
weeks their bladders can hold it a little longer. There is one word I can say and that is consistency!
~~~ Lastly they love chew toys and bully sticks. I do not give them pig ears or raw hides. To scary for me and a
bad experience! We let them chew on bully sticks, large raw bones or deer antlers as that keeps their teeth
nice and clean.

If we can help you in anyway or any questions you may have please don't hesitate to get a hold of us!
We do have one last request we would sure love an update on your little dolls at about a year of age so we can get
a good idea on size color
ect. for our breeding program.

Thank you
Trish and Jerilynn
Brown and white MALE
Jubilee X Keno
DOB 10-9-18
Pig Pen
4 to 6 lbs anticipated adult weight